the BIG 401(k) advantage

  • In today's employee benefits world, you need a partner...
    A true partner who is more than just a provider, but an effective partner who has the expertise, quality and responsiveness to enhance your plan's value. A creative partner committed to understanding your goals and delivering practical, customized solutions. An objective partner and trusted advisor offering convenience and peace of mind. We are that partner.

    BIG, Inc. is unique in how we approach the defined contribution marketplace. While most service providers offer a wide range of services that are similar in many ways, we possess a number of important qualities that separate us from the crowd. The following combination of traits, along with our strong corporate culture, cements our long-term client relationships and draws new clients to our attractive offering:

    • Flexibility: One of the greatest attributes of BIG, Inc.’s service is the flexibility that we provide to our clients. Our focus is on how we can respond to the unique requirements of our clients, rather than how we can fit our clients into our desired structure.

    • Focus: Our primary line of business is the full-service administration of defined contribution (DC) retirement plans; this is what we do—it is our core competency. Unlike many of our competitors in the mutual fund industry where recordkeeping is secondary to growing their proprietary mutual funds, BIG, Inc.’s only business is consulting and administration.

    • Full service: From simple administrative tasks to complex consulting, BIG, Inc. manages every aspect of a firm’s retirement plan. Our full service plan administration is an all-inclusive package featuring complete flexibility with no add-on fees or hourly rates—and no hidden surprises.

    • Total Quality: We offer a level of service unparalleled in the industry. Through our Total Quality program, we have defined a very strict service benchmark, but we follow a very basic approach to quality. Our progress is tracked on every report and piece of correspondence that leaves our office so clients can always know where we stand in relation to our goal.

    • Accessibility to management: Our structure and approach to management ensure that you can talk to the people you need to, without facing the frustration of screened calls or limited access to management.

    • Full disclosure of revenue sources: We pride ourselves on our continuing commitment to present our fees in the most forthright manner. Our clients are provided complete disclosure of all fees, including our revenue-sharing agreements with our recordkeeping partners. We have no predetermined ideas as to how we should be compensated and we work with our clients to evaluate the various alternatives and structure an agreeable arrangement. It is important to note that BIG, Inc. does not accept commissions from any financial institution nor do we act as broker of record for any of our clients.

    • Leading-edge technology: We are fully committed to providing the latest technologies to our clients and their participants. Our history of innovation derives not only from our talent, our technology base and our corporate culture, but also from a strong service orientation that encourages all of our employees to listen to our clients. In dialogue with them, we find solutions to their challenges and demands and proactively provide new services to enhance our offering.

    We shoulder responsibility for every aspect of a firm’s retirement plan – from simple administrative tasks to highly complex consulting. Our flexibility and commitment to Total Quality means we continually customize and enhance our services to proactively meet the unique needs of our plan sponsor clients. Throughout this process, we maximize our service to a plan so that our clients can minimize the amount of time they spend on plan oversight.