401(k) client services

  • In today's employee benefits world, you need a partner...
    BIG, Inc. is one of the oldest and most experienced consulting and administration firms in the Nation. Our expertise allows us to provide a complete record keeping plan or any of the individual pieces based on your needs while minimizing costs by eliminating services you don’t need.

    We Offer a Broad Perspective. If you have not had an experienced, knowledgeable consultant walk you through a detailed review of your funds and plan, you may not be maximizing the value of your plan. From fees—to getting the best possible retirement program—we will work to address all aspects of your plan.

    We provide Corporate Retirement Plan Support with an unparalleled knowledge of all aspects of retirement plans. Our guidance for plan sponsors includes thorough yet easy to understand comprehensive participant education strategies and a system to assess all elements of your plan.

    Consulting and Fiduciary Services:

    • Perform comprehensive reviews of the plan’s operation compared to industry benchmarks
    • Review and preparation of the plan documents and summary plan description
    • Establish prudent processes & procedures which adheres to procedures mandated by the DOL
    • Annual review of plan design and modifications as necessary
    • Develop, implement and monitor a formal education plan
    • Semi-annual fiduciary review and analysis of all procedures
    • Annual meeting with your company's board to review the plan documentation

    Administrative services:

    • Streamlined data collection and submission
    • Tracking of filing dates
    • Corrective transactions including failed ADP/ACP
    • Tracking participant eligibility and entry dates
    • Calculation of participant benefits
    • Determine participant vesting
    • Completion of all mandatory compliance testing
    • Prepare reports required by governmental agencies (including signature ready Form 5500)
    • Preparation of a comprehensive plan auditor package to streamline your annual plan audit
    • Process participant claims and other transactions
    • Annual client review and due diligence reports

    Plan Installation Services:
    BIG, Inc. provides comprehensive support with the setup and installation stages of new and takeover plans, assigning a conversion coordinator to each new case.

    Enrollment Presentations and Support:
    BIG, Inc. offers on-site assistance with enrollment meetings as well as preparing the necessary plan summary and disclosure.

    Subscribing to the "unbundled" approach, BIG, Inc. links directly with investment providers committed to superior record keeping service and value. These providers demonstrate their commitment by meeting the following standards:

    • Quality investment platform
    • Effective interface with our administrative system
    • Industry-leading communication and education tools
    • Ongoing investment in technology
    • Fiduciary tools and support
    • State-of-the-art reporting
    • Established, dependable advisor support
    • Reasonable cost and fee transparency

    BIG, Inc. is pleased to offer services in partnership with several providers who consistently meet these standards. Additionally, BIG, Inc. continually monitors the quality of services and their ability to meet plan sponsor needs and expectations.

    We strive to ensure that clients choosing to work with BIG, Inc. and our preferred provider programs will always be associated with a high quality solution that continually meets the demands of an increasingly competitive marketplace.