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About Us

Who is BIG?

BIG, Inc. is one of the oldest and most experienced 401(k) consulting and administration firms in the nation. With more than 40 years of experience, our team can provide you with a complete, turnkey plan or any individual piece based on your needs; minimizing costs by eliminating services you don’t need.

We offer a broad perspective. If you have not had an experienced, knowledgeable consultant walk you through a detailed review of your plan, you may not be getting the most value from your plan. From fiduciary concerns to fees, to simply getting the best possible retirement program, we will work to address all aspects of your plan.

We provide corporate retirement plan support with unparalleled knowledge of all aspects of retirement plans.

Employer Services

What do we offer?

In today’s employee benefits world, you need a partner.

we advise our clients as to the best possible vendors rather than sell them a product


We are pleased to offer services in partnership with several top providers who consistently meet our high standards. We continually monitor the quality of their services and ability to meet plan sponsor needs and expectations.

We strive to ensure that clients choosing to work with our team in our preferred provider programs receive a high-quality solution that meets the demands of an increasingly competitive marketplace.

 Consulting and Fiduciary Services:

ERISA holds retirement plan fiduciaries to the highest legal standards. To help meet these legal requirements, we can provide plan sponsors with the independent, objective consulting and guidance necessary to effectively meet and manage ERISA standards. Our independent and objective analysis provides plan sponsors with the specific detailed information necessary to make informed decisions on behalf of the plan and help fulfill its fiduciary obligation.

  • Conduct a plan feasibility study based on specific goals set by the client
  • Review and prepare plan documents and summary plan description
  • Manage risk through prudent processes, procedures, and documentation as mandated by the DOL
  • Complete annual review of plan design and modifications as necessary
  • Perform comprehensive reviews of plan operation compared to industry benchmarks
  • Develop and implement a formal education plan
  • Complete semi-annual fiduciary review and analysis of all procedures
  • Meet with your company's board to review plan documentation annually
  • Ongoing investment in technology
  • Provide fiduciary tools and support
  • Deliver state-of-the-art reporting
 Plan Installation Services:

We provide comprehensive support with the setup and installation stages of new and takeover plans, assigning a conversion coordinator to each new case.

 Enrollment Presentaion and Support Services:

We offer on-site assistance with enrollment meetings as well as preparing the necessary plan summary and disclosure.

Subscribing to the “unbundled” approach, we link directly with investment providers committed to superior recordkeeping services and value. Our providers demonstrate their commitment by meeting the following standards:

  • Quality investment platform
  • Effective interface with our administrative system
  • Industry-leading communication and education tools
  • Ongoing investment in technology
  • Fiduciary tools and support
  • State-of-the-art reporting
  • Established, dependable advisor support
  • Reasonable, transparent fees
 Administration Services:
  • Streamline data collection and submission
  • Track filing dates
  • Advise corrective transactions including failed ADP/ACP
  • Track participant eligibility and entry dates
  • Calculate participant benefits
  • Determine participant vesting
  • Complete mandatory compliance testing
  • Prepare annual reports required by governmental agencies (including signature-ready Form 5500)
  • Prepare a comprehensive plan auditor package to streamline your annual plan audit
  • Process participant claims and other transactions
  • Perform annual client review and due diligence reports

BIG 401(k) services for advisors

Building relationships with financial professionals are part of our daily business at BIG, Inc. We cultivate these relationships through constant communication. Our expertise in the retirement plan industry along with our focus on service will benefit both you and your clients. Our effective handling of eligibility, participation, vesting, disability, early retirement, and normal and deferred retirement provisions can greatly reduce plan costs.

  • We are a non-producing TPA, we do not sell investment products
  • We have been in business for 40+ years
  • We are a small office, which guarantees you will speak to a human when you call and not an automated operator during business hours
  • We offer resources for plan sponsors and financial professionals to educate them about qualified retirement plans
  • We will attend prospect meetings & presentations
  • We provide plan design, installation and transition support

the BIG 401(k) advantages

A true partner is more than just a provider. An effective partner has the expertise, quality, and responsiveness to enhance your plan’s value. A creative partner is committed to understanding your goals and delivering practical, customized solutions. An objective partner and trusted advisor delivers convenience and peace of mind. We are that partner.

BIG, Inc. is unique in how we approach the defined contribution marketplace. While most service providers offer a wide range of services that are similar in many ways, we possess a number of important qualities that separate us from the crowd. The following combination of traits, along with our strong corporate culture, cements our long-term client relationships and draws new clients to our attractive offering:

  • Flexibility: One of the greatest attributes of our services is the flexibility that we provide to our clients. We respond to the unique requirements of our clients, rather than fit clients into our existing structure.
  • Focus: Our primary line of business is the full-service administration of defined contribution retirement plans. This is what we do—it is our core competency. Unlike competitors in the mutual fund industry, where recordkeeping is secondary to growing their proprietary funds, plan consulting and administration is our only business.
  • Full service: From simple administrative tasks to complex consulting, we manage every aspect of a firm’s retirement plan. Our full-service plan administration is an all-inclusive package featuring complete flexibility with no add-on fees and no hidden surprises.
  • Total Quality: We offer a level of service unparalleled in the industry. Through our Total Quality program, we define our very strict service benchmark, and we follow a very basic approach to quality. Our progress is tracked on every report and piece of correspondence that leaves our office so clients can always know where we stand in relation to our goal.
  • Accessibility to management: Our business structure ensures that you can talk to the people you need to without facing the frustration of screened calls or limited access to management.
  • Full disclosure of revenue sources: We pride ourselves on our continuing commitment to present our fees in the most forthright manner. Our clients are provided complete disclosure of all fees, including our revenue-sharing agreements with our recordkeeping partners. We have no predetermined ideas as to how we should be compensated and we work with our clients to evaluate the various alternatives and structure an agreeable arrangement. It is important to note that BIG, Inc. does not accept commissions from any financial institution nor do we act as broker-of-record for any of our clients.
  • Leading-edge technology: We are fully committed to providing the latest technologies to our clients and their participants. Our history of innovation derives not only from our talent, our technology base, and our corporate culture but also from a strong service orientation that encourages all of our employees to listen to our clients. In dialogue with them, we find solutions to their challenges and demands and proactively provide new services to enhance our offering.

We shoulder responsibility for every aspect of a firm’s retirement. Our flexibility and commitment to Total Quality means we continually customize and enhance our services to proactively meet the unique needs of our plan sponsor clients. Throughout this process, we maximize our service to a plan so that our clients can minimize the amount of time they spend on plan oversight.


What our customers say

“Benefit Investment Group has been our third party administrator for years now. They are very competent and any time I have a question, it is promptly answered. They have been a great resource to us over the years and they really guided us through the changes we had made to our Plan. I am looking forward to continue working with them in the years to come.”
--Irena T.
“We have used Benefit Investment Group for several years and they have always been there when I have had questions or concerns. Pam and Marsha are wonderful to work with and very easy to reach. It has been a good experience. Thank you!”
--Deborha H.
“Benefit Investment Group has been our third party administrator for over 9 years now and they have been wonderful to work with. When I started my business over 9 years ago, they were patient, helpful and made things easy to understand. I really only have one "go to" person now, Pam Frazzitta, and she is outstanding, helping me with anything that I have requested from plan changes, uploading files, understanding our plans and always in a timely manner. Basically they are one of the easiest providers I have to deal with and that’s a blessing to me as an owner of a small business in this day and age. I would highly recommend them as a third party administrator for any business.”
--Kurt H.
“It is such a pleasure to work with this group of professionals! BIG’s systems and processes are spot on, so we never miss a reporting deadline. Whenever I ask, they respond promptly with answers that are thorough and accurate.”
--Terri C.

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